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Flatbed and Sheet working

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Flatbed laser cutting

CMM has installed 3 systems with automatic loading and unloading in sheets laser cutting department with maximum workable size 4000x2500 mm. Processing materials follow: carbon steel with maximum thickness 20 mm, stainless steel max 15 mm and aluminum max 8 mm. In addition to these materials CMM can also cut domex, hardox, brass, copper, titanium and pre-galvanized sheets.    


Besides the laser cutting, CMM also performs punching operations with 2 equipments with maximum workable size 3000x1500 mm. This technology allows us to make special deformations and dimples besides simple holes and cuts. Workable materials are stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheets, aluminum, pre-painted steels, brass and copper.


CMM also performs the bending of sheets, thanks to the 6 installed bending machines, including a robot capable to bend sheet metal parts with a maximum length of 4000 mm.    


After the stainless steel laser cutting process, CMM is able to do surface treatments by using a brushing and satin machine. After the satin or brushing process the stainless steel parts are ready to mount because they are completely clean and without any kind of scrape, This machine is capable to satin from 80 to 240 grit. 

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