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Pipes Laser Cutting CMM is one of the biggest companies in Europe working in the pipes laser cutting field. It has 8 laser machines capable to cut pipes, tubes and profiles up to 15 meters length. There are 3 laser machines to cut small pipes, 2 to cut middle pipes and 3 laser machine to cut high diameter, up to 508 mm. Most of them have the 3d head of cut which allows to do chamfer and welding preparation too.

Flatbed Laser Cutting CMM mainly works steel flatbed by using laser cutting machines, it has installed 3 laser systems able to cut steel flatbed up to 4000x2000 mm. Materials workable with the laser are : stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, copper, brass and titanium.In addiction to the laser cutting process, CMM has been installed punching press, bending, welding and satin machines.

Copper, Brass and Aluminium Laser Cutting CMM  installed a laser fiber machine in 2012, this machine is equipped with a 4 kw fiber laser resonator, it is cabable to cut flatbed up to 4000x2000 mm. This new generation of laser cutting machines is very competitive in cutting : aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper and titanium flatbed .

Omega profiles Using the laser cutting machine to cut steel tubes and beams,  CMM also works special profiles. CMM considers special profiles the sections which are not squares rectangulars and rounds. It is able to work sections such as : elliptical, oval, triangular, omega and steel profile for windows and doors. In addiction of these profiles CMM can also work open profiles such as : L, I, U, H and special profiles created by our clients.

 Steel beams Laser cutting In its steel tubes and beams division, CMM is able to work these materials by using laser cutting equipments. CMM usually does  works such as drilling, coping, jointing, chamfering and cutting. CMM works I and H steel beams such as : IPE, HEA, HEB, UPE, UPN.

 Steel pipes structures To complete its services such as laser cutting and metal carpentry,  CMM projects and develops to steel structures. CMM mainly uses solidworks which allows to develops many kind of steel structures, some of the fields where CMM works are :carport, structures to fix photovoltaic panels, solar greenhouses, components for agricultural machinery and mechanical engineering in general, street furniture. CMM can also use 3d CAD files made by its clients in these languages : .xt, stp, sat, igs  and offcourse file created by using Solidworks.

Anti-slip punched and bent metal sheets CMM manufactures these anti-slip sheets using automatic punching machines with a working range up to 3000x1500 mm. In addition to anti-slip patterns, it is possible to obtain holes, cuts, and any type of notches in order to make the folds on the edges. CMM has customers operating in many sectors, including carpenters' workshops, manufacturers of agricultural machinery, fire escapes, as well as concrete-mixing and purification plants. 

Factory Certification 
UNI EN ISO 9002 : 2008   

Welding Certification 
UNI EN ISO 3834 - 2 :2006 

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